Learning Solutions

We provide customizable learning solutions that meet the specific needs of the customers.
Our learning solutions are based on the use of modern interactive learning methods. We use a mix of classroom teachning, teamwork, and exercises.
Available learning solutions are presented in section Training Material.

We have almost 20 years of experience in higher-level education and have actively developed and applied novel learning solutions in industry and academia.

Publications and presentations

Jyrki Kontio, Juhani Warsta, Markus M. Mäkelä, Mika Ahokas, Pasi Tyrväinen,and Päivi Pöyry. Software Business Education for Software Engineers: Towards an Integrated Curriculum. Proceedings of CSEE&T 2006, the19th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training. Editors: Daniel Port and Laurie Williams. IEEE Computer Society. 2006.
Jyrki Kontio: Chairman of the panel “Industrial Impact through Education -- Lessons Learned from Barry Boehm's Contributions to Software Engineering” at the Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, Hawaii, U.S.A., April 19,2006. Other panelists were Professor Rick Kazman, University of Hawaii, Professor Dieter H. Rombach, IESE Fraunhofer Institute, Dr. Rick Selby, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Professor Victor R. Basili, University of Maryland and Professor Barry Boehm, USC.

Program Comittee Memberships

Program Committee member of the 2006 Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T), Turtle Bay, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii, April 19-21, 2006